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Bitumin Testing Instruments

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Multi speed Universal Load frame 50 KN
This motorised machine with electronic digital control by microprocessor is suitable to perform all the tests. Meets:- BS 1377-4, ASTM D 1883, D 3668

It can be use for the following tests Power Supply: 230 V Single Phase 50 Hz
Marshall Apparatusis consisting of the following.
  1. Load frames of any one from the above mention.
  2. Breaking Head Stability Mould,
  3. Compaction Pedestal,
  4. Compaction Mould Made of M. Steel, cylindrical, 100mm Dia.
  5. Compaction Hammer,
  6. Extension Rod
  7. Base Plate 4"
  8. Load Transfer Bar
Extra Accessories
Water bath for Marshall test Bath size 500 X 300 X 200 MM Digital with stirrer