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Milestone Instruments
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Uttam Nager Delhi-110059, India
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Our Product Range

Soil Testing Instruments

Compaction Test Rammer, Manual | Compaction Test Moulds | Universal Automatic Compactor, Digital | Consolidation Apparatus | Direct Shear Apparatus | Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
California Bearing Ratio | Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus, Motorised | Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus, Motorised With Digital Display And Multiple Speeds | California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus, Field Type | Cone Penetrometer Method | Liquid Limit | Multi Speed Universal Load Frame 50 Kn | Load Frame, Motorised, 30 speeds, 50 KN (5,000 kgf) | Load Frame, Motorised, 12 Speeds, 200 Kn (20,000 Kgf) | Load Frame, Motorised, 12 Speeds, 490 Kn (50,000 Kgf) | Permeability | Proctor Penetrometer | Pyknometer | Sample Riffle Divider | Sample Extractors | Sampling Auger Outfits | Undisturbed Samplers | Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus | Sand Cone Apparatus | Pore Pressure | Sensitive Volume Change Gauge | Sieve Analysis | Sieve Shaker (Gyratory Type) | Sieve Shaker (Rotap Type) | Wet Sieve Shaker (Yoder Type) | Infra-Red Moisture Meter | Speedy Moisture Meter | Static Cone Penetrometer | Swell Test Apparatus Manual | Triaxial Cells | Triaxial Test Outfit (Complete Unit) | Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus | Plate Bearing Capacity, with 30, 45, 60 cm sqr. Chequered plates and accessories | Linear Shrinkage Mould | Soil Hydrometer | Jar For Soil Hydrometer | Sand Equivalent Apparatus | Core Cutter For Soil (Dolly and Rammer) | Relative Density Apparatus | Sampling Tin | Front Loading Odometer Single Cell With Table For Three Cells | Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method) | Soil Lathe Motorised | Shrinkage Limit Set | Standard Penetration Test Set | Tray Enamel welded | Soil Core Sampler | Plastic Limit set
Cement, Lime, Plaster & Mortar

Concrete Testing Instruments

Geotextile Testing Instruments

Paint Testing Instruments

Tiles Testing Instruments

Rock Testing Instruments

Plastic Testing Instruments

Rubber Testing Instruments

Bitumin Testing Instruments

Thermal Testing Instruments

Laboratory Oven (Universal Memmert Type) | Laboratory Oven (Universal Memmert Type) | Laboratory Oven (Perfect System Upto 250°) | Laboratory Electric Oven (Perfect System-Upto 350°C & 450°C) | Vaccum Oven | Industrial Drying Oven/Tray Dryer | Chromatography Drying Oven | Incubator Bacteriological (Universal Memmert Type) | Egg Incubator | B.O.D. Incubator (Super Deluxe Automatic) | Seed Germinator (Single Chamber) | Seed Germinator (Dual Chamber) | Seed Germinator (Single Chamber Cooling System) | Seed Germinator (Dual Chamber Cooling System) | Plant Growth Chamber / Environmental Chamber | Ultra Low Temperature Research Cabinet/Deep Freezer | Humidity & Temperature Control Cabinet | Humidity Chamber With Cooling System | Blood Bank Refregerator | Oribital Shaking Incubator | Orbital Shaking Incubator (Cooling System) | Water Bath Rectangular (Single Wall) | Water Bath Rectangular (Double Wall) | Cylindrical Water Bath | Serological Water Bath (Without Racks & Thermometer) | Constant Temp. Refregeratred Liquid Bath (cooling bath) | High Precision Water Bath | High Temperature Oil Bath | Tissue Floatation Bath | Low Temperature Bath (Incubator Shaker) | Water Bath Incubator Shaker (Metabolic Shaking Incubator) | Kinematic Viscometer Bath | Kinematic Viscometer Bath (temp. Range 5°c to 100°c) | Rotatory High Vaccum Pumps | Monoblock Vaccum Pump (Belt Less, Portable, With Small Qty Of Oil) | Vaccum Cum Low Pressure Pump (Diaphram Type Oil Free) | Shaking Machine (Wrist Action) | Vortex Shaker (Test Tube Shaker) | Rotary Shaker (Horizontal) | Shaking Machine (Reciprocation Khan's Type) | V.D.R.L. Shaker | Tube Rotor For 36 Tubes | Universal Shaking (Machine) | Lab. Willy Mill (Arthur H. Thomas Type) | Lab, Ball Mill | Emulsifier (Homogenizer) | Tissue Homogenizer (Distinatigration) | Micro Tissue Homogenizer | Laboratory Stirrers | Water Still Automatic (Wall Type) | Distillation Appartus (Barnsted Type) | Glass Distillation | Kjeldahl Distillation & Digestion Combined Unit (Without Glass Part And Clamps) | Micro K.Jeldahl Digestion Unit (Without Glass Part And Clamps) | Soxhlet Extraction Unit (Without Glass Parts And Clamps) | K.Jeldhal Distillation Unit (Without Glass Parts & Clamps) | K.Jeldhal Digestion Unit (Without Glass Parts & Clamps) | Soxhlet Extraction Unit (Water Bath Type) Without Glass Parts And Clamps | Dry Block Heater (Kjeldahl Digestion Unit For 40 Tubes) | C.O.D. Digestion Appartus | Slide Warming Table (Biological Table) | Heating Mantle | Heating Tape | Laboratory Round Heating Plate | Laboratory Rectangular Heating Plate With Cast Iron Top | Jar Testing Or Multiple Spindle Stirrer (Floculator) | Autoclave Portable | Autoclave Verticle | Furnace Cruclable | Muffle Furnace Rectangular | High Temperature Furnace 1200ºC | High Temprature Muffle Furnace | Laminar Air Flow Cabinet (Horizontal) | Laminar Air Flow Cabinet (Vertical) |Innoculation Chamber / Tissue Culture Hood | Biological Safety Cabinet | Fume Hood | Tissue Culture Rack With Timer | Rotary Vaccum Evaporated (Buchi Type) | Bottle Washing Machine With Tank (Gi-Sheet) | Agate Pastle And Mortar (Fisher Type) | Pipette Washer | Pipette Drier (Electrical) | Butyro Reflactometer (Oil & Sugar Recractometer) | Butyro Reflactometer (Oil & Sugar Recractometer) | Abbe Refractometer | Ultra Violet Flourescent Analysis Cabinet (Combined) | Needle Destroyer | Thin Layer Chromatography Kit (T.C.L.) | Magnetic Stirrer With D.C. Motor and Electronic Speed Hand Refractometer | Research Polarimeter
Electronic Testing Instruments

Pharmaceutical Equipments

Food Processsing Equipments

Sand And Aggregates

Strength Of Material Testing Instruments

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