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Thermal Testing Instruments

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Double walled construction. Outer body made of Mild Steel painted with white stoving enamel. Inner chamber made of stainless with ribs to hold a tray. Shaking platform also made of S. Steel; accommodate 16 flask of 500ml. capacity temperature controlled by Digital Temp. controller cum indicator from ambient + 5 to 70ºC, with an accuracy of +/- 0.5ºC or better shaking speed can be controlled by speed regulator fitted with D.C. drive and indicated by Digital RPM meter. A stainless steel perforated tray is also provided for the use of upper portion of the chamber as a simple bacteriological incubator. An illumination lamp is also provided inside the chamber. Suitable to work on 220/230 V, 50Hz, single phase AC supply.
Chamber Size: 625 X 550 X 550 Mm (W X D X H)