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Thermal Testing Instruments

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Double walled construction. Inner chamber made of S.Steel & outer Mild Steel painted with white stoving enamel. S.Steel Trays to hold Blood Bags with separate acrylic door for each compartment. Temperature can be controlled up till 0°C by Electronic Digital. Temperature Controller cum indicator with an accuracy of +/-0.5°C. Built in safety audio/visual alarms such as door opening alarm, temperature fluctuation alarm, power failure alarm are provided with the controller itself. A sealed condensing unit/compressor with all accessories and fan cooled condenser are fitted at the bottom below working chamber. Inside temperature uniformity is maintained by air circulation fans. Suitable to work on 220/230 V, 50Hz. Single phase AC supply.
85 Liters. (50 blood bags)
165 Liters. (100 blood bags)
200 Liters. (200 blood bags)
280 Liters. (250 blood bags)
Optional Accessories:-
Temperature chart recorder facility
Voltage Stabilizer 4 KVA