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Thermal Testing Instruments

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The Construction is same as above but provided with refrigeration to control temperature range from 5ºC to 60ºC +/- 2ºC and humidity is ambient to 90% Stainless steel water bath with heater is provided inside the chamber to create humidity in the chamber from ambient to 90% +/-5%,O-24 Hrs, timer is provided to regulate the cyclic illumination. +/-5% and fitted with digital temp. & humidity indicator cum controller. Humidity is displayed in percentage.
Inside Chamber Size (W x H x D)
455mm x 710mm x 455mm
605mm x 605mm x 605mm
605mm x 910mm x 605mm
Optional Accessories
Hygrometer (Dial Type Humidity Indicator)
Wet and Dry Thermometer
Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 3-0 KVA (Triple Relay)