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Thermal Testing Instruments

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Temperature range from ambient to 60°C, controlled by digital controller +/- 1°C, Humidity controlled by digital Humidistat from ambient humidity to 95% with a sensitivity of +/- 5%. Double walled inside S.Steel and outside M. Steel painted with stove enamel door provided with glass window. Stainless steel water bath with heater is provided inside the chamber to create humidity in the chamber from ambient to 90% +/-5%,O-24 Hrs, timer is provided to regulate the cyclic illumination. Works on 220/230 V AC.
Chamber Size (W x H x D)
455 x 710 x 455 mm
605 x 605 x 605 mm
605 x 910 x 605 mm
Optional Accessories: Hygrometer (Humidity indicator) 15mm dia.