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Hydrodynamic Sieve Test Apparatus

Hydrodynamic Sieve Test Apparatus:-
The apparatus consists of two test drums of 14 cm dia and 10 cm effective length with 16 nos. of 4 mm dia rods provided circumferentially at equal spacing to hold the geotextile specimen in position. Two troughs to contain the test drums are supported on horizontal axis, facilitating free rotation and capable of being filled with distilled water to a level of 20 mm below the drum axis. The clearance between the trough and the geotextile could be maintained at about 40 mm.
The apparatus is provided with a motor drive and a change gear assembly to enable rotation of the drums at a speed of 20 rpm
Note: - This machine is also available with servo controlled unit having 5-30 rpm speed with digital counter and digital RPM counter.

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Glass Beads

Glass Beads
The Beads of the following size is available in One Kg pack