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Thermal Testing Instruments

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Temperature range up to 90°C thermostatically controlled. Heating elements are placed in ribs on all the three sides. Double walled inner chamber made of Anodized Aluminum of S.Steel. Outer chamber of M. Steel duty painted. Door has double glass windows to view samples. Built in Horizontal 'L' shaped thermometer & perforated adjustable shelves. Work on 220/230 V AC. Supplied with or without Air circulating fan.
Chamber Size (W x H x D) Tray
300x300x300mm (12"x12"x12") 2
350x350x350mm (14"x14"x14") 2
450x450x450mm (18"x18"x18") 2
450x600x450mm (18"x24"x18") 2
600x600x600mm (24"x24"x24") 2
600x900x450mm (24"x36"x18") 3
600x900x600mm (24"x36"x24") 3
Optional Accessories:
Air Circulation Fan
Mechanical timer/2 Hrs.
Digital Indicator-cum-controller