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Vicat Apparatus

Apparatus described below have been designed for determining the normal consistency, standard consistency and time of setting of cement and lime in accordance with IS, ASTM, BS and AASHO specifications.
Vicat Method:-
The procedure, as recommended in various standards, is for determining the quantity of water required to produce a cement paste of standard consistency. The standard consistency is attained when the 10 mm plunger of the apparatus penetrates the material to a pre-determined depth under free-fall. A new sample is prepared and tested with initial and final needles in accordance with the procedure described in various specifications. Vicat Apparatus consists of a frame bearing a movable rod with a cap at top and a Vicat mould in the form of the frustum of a cone, (80+5)/70 + 5mm dia at the base,(70mm+5mm) /60 mm at the top and 40 mm high, and with a glass base plate of minimum 2.5 mm thickness with various models of Vicat apparatus as per standard specifications.
Meets: - IS: 2645, IS: 2542 (Part-2), IS: 1727, IS: 5513,
Two models of Vicat Apparatus are offered
Vicat Apparatus:-
The apparatus includes one each of: Vicat Mould, Glass Base Plate, Initial Needle (in Plastic Case), Final Needle (in Plastic Case)Consistency Plunger (in Plastic Case)