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Load Frame, Motorised, 12 speeds, 490 KN (50,000 kgf)
The Load Frame is designed for conducting triaxial shear tests on rock specimens, but its use can be extended to any field where there is a requirement of the rates of strain of this load frame to be applied. This load frame gives a choice of twelve rates of strain from 0.000125mm/ min to of 5mm/min. Suitable for operation on 3 Phase, 415 V, AC Supply. It consists of a cabinet housing the electric motor, reduction gear and the turret gear box. Two pillars are fitted on the base over the cabinet. The load is applied by advancement of a lead screw. A suitable adapter is provided for fixing a 500 kN capacity proving ring which is supplied at extra cost. This load frame has a platen of about 25 cm dia to house the High Pressure Triaxial Cell.