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Spring Testing Machine

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine
This is used for conducting1Z0D, CHARPY and IMPACT TENSION tests. The difference between the height of the drop before rupture and height of the rise after rupture shows the impact energy absorbed by the specimen and is reflected on the dial scale.
CAPACITY 30 KgM / 300 Joules
Charpy Test Izod Test
Pendulum drop angle 140º 85º
Pendulum effective weight 20.59 kgs 21.79 kgs
Pendulum speed 5.3465 m/sec 3.857 m/sec
Pendulum impact energy 30 kgM ( 300 J ) 16.4 kgM ( 164 J )
Min. graduation 0.2 kgM ( 2 J ) 0.2 kgM ( 2 J )
Distance of axis of hammer rotation and centre of test piece/point of test piece hit by hammer 825 mm 825 mm
Max. permissible loss by friction X windage 0.5% Of max. impact energy