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Thermal Testing Instruments

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Thick wooden board fabricated, outer is finished with Laminated Mica and inner duly painted, designed so as throw out all toxic/harmful vapors, thus protecting costly instruments and the person working in the lab. Working table top is fitted with acid/ alkali resistant tile. Provided with a Stainless Steel Sink with provision for water tap & outlet. The front door moves vertically up & down with concealed counter balanced weight/by Hinges The unit is fitted with fluorescent light and a gas cock for gas/air supply. The space under the work station can be provided with switches for exhaust system and fluorescent lights. Workable on 220 Volts AC supply.
Working Size 4'x2'x2' 6'x2'x2' 5'x3'x3' 7'x3'x2' 8'x3'x3'
Optional Accessories: Exhaust System, PVC Fume Duct , Storage Compartments, FRP/SS lining on working walls