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Fatigue Testing Machine

Fatigue Testing Machine:-
We provide Rotating Cantilever Fatigue Testing Machines, which are used to ascertain the fatigue strength under reversed bending stresses. The machine helps to check the fatigue life & location of fatigue failure of metal specimens, subjected to alternating stress cycles. Our range of Fatigue Testing Machines is well-known for its features like reliability, durability and effective performances. We ensure that our machines support as a cantilever, where dead weights at the free ends through self aligned bearings allow vertical loading and rotation of the specimen. Furthermore, we use a counter balancing lever system to balance the dead weight of the loading assembly. There is an induction motor to rotate the specimen and a cut off switch is used to stop the machine when it fails. A counter which is attached to the extension of the motor shaft through reduction gear, records the total counts of cycles to failure.