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Triaxial Testing System
The strength, of most rocks, increases considerably with increase of confining pressure. The design engineer needs to carry out triaxial tests at a range of confining pressures, in order to determine the strength at the required confining pressure. To suit individual requirements, a wide range of instruments listed below is offered.

Triaxial Cells
These cells are designed to withstand a lateral pressure of 150 bar (150 kg/cm2). Four no-volume change valves are fitted to the base for measurement of pore pressure, top drainage, and bottom drainage and for entry/exit of cell pressure. The cell is nickel-plated and completely rustproof, hardened and ground pedestals and top loading pads with suitable cantering arrangements for different sample sizes are provided. The lower pedestals are provided with radial grooves. The top-loading pad is provided with spherical seating. Two port holes are provided to observe the sample during the assembly stage.