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Dry sieve test apparatus

Dry Sieve Test Apparatus (Apparent Opening Size (AOS)):-
The test involves sieving rounded particle sizes for which 5% or less by weight pass through the geotextile. The Apparent Opening Size (AOS) is defined as 'Retained On' size of that fraction expressed as a standard sieve number (size). The test is widely used for relative comparison amongst the geotextiles. Thus AOS is a means of correlating geotextile pore structure to an equivalent screen mesh size. The apparatus consist of a 20 cm dia brass frame with clamp, a receiver and a lid Dry Sieve Test Apparatus.
Meets: - ASTM D4751-87, BS-6906-2, IS-14294

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Sieve shakes

Essential Accessories
Sieve Shaker Table top type:-
To make the process of sieving easier and quicker, electrically operated mechanical table top type sieve shakers are offered for dry sieving. These Sieve Shakers are popularly used not only in soil laboratories but also dry sieving the geotextile testing

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Glass beads

Glass beads :-
The Beads of the following size is available in One Kg pack