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Torsion Testing Machine for Wires & Cables

Torsion Testing Machine for Wires & Cables:-
Our Torsion Testing Machine for Wires & Cables promptly determines the number of twists required to fracture a wire sample. The machine is available in two models, one for testing wires in the range of 1-5mm and the other for 4-10mm length. The machine generates an output of 30, 60 or 90 rpm with the help of gear box connected with a motor. The revolution counter shows the number of twists and stops when the sample fails. The wire is held between a rotating and a non-rotating chuck whose distance lounge between 1-500mm in length. Operated on 400/440 volts, 3 phase A.C supply, this machine can test wires ranging from 1-10 mm in length.