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Chaplin Abrasion Tester:-
The BCA (Chaplin) Abrasion Tester gives a guide to the abrasion resistance of concrete floors. It can also be used to test the effectiveness of surface treatments used to protect or upgrade sub-standard floors. The depth of wear in the concrete floor brought about by the action of 75mm diameter by 20mm wide hardened steel wheels is used as a guide to the abrasion resistance. The apparatus is suitable for compliance testing to the requirements of BS 8204: 1987: Part 2 and EN 13892-4.
The abrasion tester consists of three 75mm diameter hardened steel wheels mounted tangentially on a circular steel carrier plate. The wheels are fitted such that they are free to rotate but not castor. The carrier plate is connected to a single phase electric motor which runs at approximately 190 rpm. mounted in a steel frame.
An umbilical cable connects the electric motor to a small control box, which monitors the number of revolutions executed by the shaft of the motor. At the end of a preset number of revolutions, a counter in the control box switches off the power to the electric motor. During a test, the Abrasion Tester is completely covered by a Safety Enclosure which reduces the noise level and prevents access to the rotating parts of the machine. The enclosure has a Safety 'Off' switch and is also fitted with micro -switches at the bottom which switch off the.
Meets: - BS 8204: 1987: Part 2 and EN 13892-4.