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Thermal Testing Instruments

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This unit is specially designed to meet the requirements of High Temperature, the casing is made of M.S. reinforced with iron angles duly painted, chamber made of Ceramic Zirconium Board and elements are placed Horizontally in the chamber. Heating is done by imported silicon carbide rods duly controlled by Accurate step down transformer (Air cooled), it saves energy upto 30% with easily replaceable carbide rods. These furnaces have outstanding temperature reliability and have large surface radiation ratio to enhance thermal efficiency and power consumption. Control panel is fitted with Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller upto1600°C. Control panel is provided separately having ammeter and volt meter etc. Maximum furnace temperature upto 1450°C, working temperature up to 1400°C opera table on 220 Volts single Phase AC supply.
Chamber Size
100 x 100 x 225
125 x 125 x 250
150 x 150 x 300
200 x 200 x 300
For other sizes Digital temp controller cum indicator can be filled