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Abrasion resistance of geotextile:-
This test method covers the determination of resistance of geotextiles to abrasion using an abrasion tester. This test method at this point has only been evaluated for geotextiles- not geomembranes, grids, etc. Therefore, the test method is designated for geotextiles, not geosynthetics, as all products may not lend themselves to this test method for abrasion. If later developments indicate a wider scope for this test method, appropriate changes will be made. The assembly should be two parallel, smooth plates, one of which makes a reciprocating motion. The speed of the reciprocating plate should be adjustable between 10 and 115 double strokes per minute. The stroke length should be 25 mm (1 in.). The second plate is rigidly supported by a double-lever assembly to provide free movement in a direction perpendicular to the reciprocating plate. This plate is stationary during the test and must be well balanced so that a vertical load can be maintained by means of dead weights. Both plates are equipped with clamps at each end to hold the test sample and the abrading medium. The clamps have gripping surfaces adequate to prevent slippage of the specimen or the abrading material during the test.
Meets:-ASTM-D 4886-91, IS-14714, EN ISO 13427:199